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Re: eggs and fungal infection

Happy New Year!
A quick update on my Rio Mamore situation:  My Rio Mamore eggs hatched and fry are doing very well while their mom is busy eating the next batch of eggs.
I followed angelfish breeder's method to treat the eggs.  It's not scientific, but it worked well.  I added just a drop of Methylblue to the small specimen container carrying Rio Mamore eggs so that the water in the container looked light to medium blue (the color of Windex spray.)  My angelfish breeder friend tints the water with Methylene blue till it's deep blue without any harm to eggs or wigglers.  When the eggs hatched, instead of dropping activate carbon into the container, I did a water change very gently using a turkey baster.  Methylblue might have lost its effectiveness by that time since I saw some gelatinous stuff starting to grow on unhatched white eggs. 
Due to the tank space shortage, now my fry are in a plastic shoe box fry container (ingenious invention by a Discus breeder) floating in a 29 gallon tank with a Tetra's sponge filter (the one with an elbow attachement on top) sending in filtered water continuously from the main tank.