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RE: eggs and fungal infection

Hi Yvan,

Thanks for the tip.  It was (yes, was) a clutch of Apisto Rio Mamore eggs.  It was quite sad, two eggs hatched, and I literally watched the wrigglers turn white before my eyes.  The females have been eating the eggs, so I stole this clutch away.  I now have some methylene blue, so hopefully I'll have more success next time around.  The breeding tank has both small flower pots and coconut shell tips.  The coconut tips are small enough to fit into a plastic container.  If eggs are layed there, I'll just drop the shell in the container with an air stone and some methylene blue and let the container hang inside of the breeding tank for temperature control.  The flower pot is too wide for my container, so I have a 5 gallon tank set up with water and a sponge filter both of which are from the breeding tank.  I plan to remove the sponge filter so I don't kill of it's bacteria with the methylene blue, to oxygenate with an airstone, and then to run a corner filter with carbon once the fry are swimming to remove the methylene blue before reintroducing the sponge filter.  You halve the recommended dosage of methylene blue for use with eggs, right?  Does this plan sound right to everyone?




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