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wanted ... bitaeniata and maps

First - 
Hopefully someone on the list has a batch of A.
bitaeniata going and is willing to part with a few
specimens.  I'm partial to F1's, not so crazy on wild
fish, but could be persuaded...  Please contact off

Second - 
Also, assuming such things exist, does anyone know
where I could get a reasonably good map of the Amazon
system?  It would have to be rather detailed to get
the smaller igarapes and things included ... right? 
So I imagine the price is high.  But I'd like to hear
suggestions on sources for maps which are focused upon
the river system and not on the civilization in the

There is a trip to Peru upcoming through my University
to look at tropical biodiversity and I just might be
able to convince the professor to let us go "wading". 
;)  I'm interested in finding out how close we'll be
to certain areas.  Besides, a map so I can say, "oh
THAT's where the Rio Nanay is.." would be a nice thing
to have anyway.  

Sorry if this has come up before but I searched two
years worth of posts in the archive and I'm getting
frustrated.  :)  

Thanks guys!!  

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