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resistant ich

I had an ich outbreak start a couple weeks ago when the power went out overnight, leaving my tank to chill to 68 deg. for several hours.  So I wasn't so surprised to see ich on the fish a couple days later.  I began treating with malachite green with no worries in my mind, thinking that this would take care of everything within a week or so.  However, to my horror, the ich has not subsided at all.  It's gotten worse and spread from my cardinal tetras to my apistos but has strangely not affected the discus.  My cardinal tetra school has been decimated to a mere fraction of the forty I originally had to only four.  I lost my prized a. cacatuoides and now my prize male double red a. agassizii is speckled almost completely white and is in danger of death.  The females for both species have one to two spots on them at the moment.  Strangely, my pair of rams are perfect and have in fact just spawned. 
I treated with malachite green for 12 days to no avail and treated with acriflavin for 5 days to no avail either.  Temperature is up to 85 deg. and I've added 1 tbs. salt/5 gallons in the tank.  Water chemistry is perfect at my target levels as far as I'm concerned, pH 6.5, kH 1, gH 3.
Anybody else have any ideas on how I can take care of this superich that won't go away?  I've tried QuickCure and NoxIch and don't have any more ideas on what other medications to use.  I'm considering sacrificing my last cardinal tetras to prevent any more spores from being produced but I'd really, really like to save my apistos more than anything else.
Thanks for any help or suggestions,

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