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Re: sick fish, wierdish possibly way off topic

Hello, this is probably way off topic and maybe even stupid.  I have wondered 
about this for a while though and so I sound off and wait for the experts to 
enlighten me.  I have a large freshwater fan shrimp, the kind with large fan 
appendages for filter feeding.  He eats microorgansims only, no fish food or 
anything.  I have seen him get excited about microworms but he could have 
been eating the yeast in the solution.  The tank he is in used to have lots 
of hair algae and was a bit problematic.  Now it is the cleanest most healthy 
tank I have.  I haven't changed any maintenance habits, the only difference 
is Mr. shrimp.  He does not eat algae and yet it all disappeared.  Could he 
be eating the stuff it used to feed on?  Could he be eating cellular algae?  
Could he eat ick parasites? He eats microscopic stuff that he filters with 
his fans.  I mean he sticks his whole fan in his mouth and licks off the 
stuff on it.  Could he really be a sort of mini natural UV sterilizer?     I 
apologize if this is incredibly stupid, but please tell me what you think.  

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