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Re: sick fish, wierdish possibly way off topic

  I'm not even going to touch the part about stupid questions. I think you know better than that. I think the shrimp is probably doing more cleaning than you know. Below is a small paragraph I found in reference to a fan shrimp although there are many different species.
Atyids represent a very old family of shrimp, all of which occur only in freshwater. They have been classified in 15 different genera that contain about 160 species. Fan shrimp are harmless scavengers perfect for community aquaria. Their rostrum is reduced and their clawed legs have evolved into fine fans, that filter particles from the water and are used to lift detritus from the substrate. Even the largest species will be peaceful towards their tankmates, and as long as they aren't seen as food, they can live in any community. They should be fed an omnivorous diet including sinking pellets and frozen foods.


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