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Re: artificial hatching problems

In a message dated 1/15/2003 7:52:42 PM Eastern Standard Time, apisto99@hotmail.com writes:

Any thoughts on the eggs dying off even with methylene blue use?  I'm guessing that if two eggs hatch then at least more than the two that drop were fertilized.  I'm planning on doing a near 100% water change in the 5 gallon tank before I try hatching any more eggs.  Any other advice for the next time I try to hatch eggs?????



  Only thing that might have been wrong is that they were never viable to begin with. I do most of my breeding in 20 longs some 10's and just about never have to hatch artificially. If female eats a hatch or two I just figure she knows something I don't. Normally they will come around. When I have had to use artificial means. I lift the pot out of tank in the bottom half of gallon milk jug. I then place it in another tank with the blue stuff and hook the airstone onto the milk jug and create a gentle current near the pot or cave. When they are swimming I slowly remove the jug leaving the fry in the tank they hatched in.


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