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fish and x-rays of checked-in luggage

One way that aquarists get new species is to buy some fish while traveling and bring them back on the airplane. In the past, I learned that the x-ray machines used for carry-ons did not sterilize the fish -- fish going through these machines could spawn and produce viable fry.

But with random inspections of passengers and their carry-ons (conducted in response to 9/11), I thought that it would be much less hassle for one to pack the fish in the checked luggage. (I was detained for a half hour in March with a carry-on containing fish.)

Recently, a new law requires that all checked-in luggage must be x-rayed. I've heard that these x-ray machines are harsher than those used for carry-ons, for instance, the strong x-rays destroy film.

My question: Does anyone have any first hand experience with fish that have traveled in checked-in luggage that was x-rayed by the new machines? Has anyone yet been able to verify that their fish have spawned and produced living fry?

I suspect that it is too early into this new airport policy for anyone to have proof. But I assume most on this list have a vested interest in the answer. Perhaps some of us need to experiment and report back.


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