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Is anyone able to share some information regarding Crencichla Regani or
Crencichla Notophthalmus? I recently purchased 4 at my lfs as Cr. Regani.
while talking to the owner about collecting locals his comment was "they
came out of Manuas so they could even be notophalmus." at the time they were
little better than an inch total length. two with definite dorsal spots two
without. I assume I have 2 boys and 2 girls. very cool fish the dominate
female has doubled in size and her belly is starting to turn orange. the
occelli on her dorsal is a single spot with red surrounding. she has a
definite black bar nose to caudal tip. with ~10 vertical bars on her dorsal
surface no barring on her stomach. I cannot comment much on the others
because they are not seen except momentarily at feeding time. Thank you.

Erick Jones

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