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A. sp. "Senger"?/pencils/speckled Apisto?

Hey all, 

Took a trip up to That Pet Place a week or so ago and
saw a tank of A sp. Senger.. but I've never heard that
name used before.  These were in r-o-u-g-h shape, I
mean BAD.  Employees said they were wild caught, and
had just come in two days before.  They looked a lot
like standard A. cacatuoides though.. same tail shape,
big chunky heads, largish lips.  The fright pattern
was too intense to discern anything else.  No color
whatsoever to report.  

Anyone heard of Senger before?  Just curious. 

Also, TPT had a tank marked aggasizi that was NOT
aggies at all.  Compact and round body shape, not
elongated by any means.  Of note: the lateral band was
notched just behind the operculum.  By this I mean
that the lateral band was bent, or otherwise
distorted, not that it was discontinuous.  All of the
fish in the tank were like this, so I don't think it
was just an odd deformity.  They were teeny tiny,
hardly bigger than 3 mo. old A. cf. eunotus fry,
probably a conservation 3/4".  Lateral band also ran
right into the caudal peduncle spot and fused with
it.. looked odd.  

The interesting thing about these is that all of the
fish were "speckled" with small black spots here and
there.  I really don't think it was a disease - spots
weren't symmetrical.  So is there a tiny speckled
Apisto that I haven't read about yet?  

Last.. its time to complain.  It's been three months
since the A. cf. eunotus decided they would spawn..  
I've changed quite a lot of things in the tank every
few weeks or so to see if it would initiate a spawn
but its been to no avail.  The pair has only produced
one good spawn with a few survivors.  Now normally I
would just believe that conditions aren't optimal but
every time I change the environment the pencilfish
spawn.  (I'll mention that Apisto's lo-ove Pencil
caviar.)  Anywho.. I thought pencils weren't all that
easy to get to spawn.. so what's wrong with the
darnable eunotus??  Hmm??  [No one needs to respond to
this part.. I'm just being impossibly impatient.  ;)]

I wish I spoke fish.  


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