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Re: San Francisco store

Ocean Aquarium at 120 Cedar. I was just there on Saturday. The place is
unbelievable - every tank is planted. I also like Nippon on Geary and
Sixth Avenue on Clement, between 5th and Sixth Ave. FWIW

--- Ahh2Bloved@aol.com wrote:
> I am mostly a lurker on this list but thought those of you that live
> in or 
> near to San Francisco might like to know about this store if you
> didn't 
> already.  He is located on Cedar just off of Geary and Van Ness.  The
> store 
> looks like a the old chinese market or something LOL.  But MAN does
> he have 
> some nice stuff.  He has some of the most beautiful Apisto
> trifaciatum.  He 
> also has a lot of Pelvachromis tenatis color morphs that are
> GORGOUS!!!  Lots 
> of different plants and stuff.  Wish I had more money LOL.
> Well just thought I would pass the info.
> Keny

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