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Re: Surrogate mother

Apist-O-Rama wrote:

> Hey all,
>         I am going to do an experiment in the next few weeks.  I have had the
> worst time spawning my Badis badis burmanicus. They spawn, I will see
> wigglers in the pot, but then they "disappear". Everything I have read and
> been told is that with just the pair in the tank, the fry should be fine.
> So I stole the wigglers last time and they are free swimming and doing well
> now.
>         Now here is where I tie all this into the Apisto world.  I have a pair of
> A. cacatuoides "Orange Flash" that just recently spawned and they have
> wigglers.  Once the caca fry are free swimming I am going to put the badis
> fry in with them and the female.  Has anyone ever tried something like
> this? Any thoughts?
> Later,
> Eric

 Once upon a time, for no particular reason, I decided to see if Taeniacara would
dispatch some newly-hatched convict larvae. The male instead became the most devoted
of parents, but when the larvae became fry they drove him nuts... he would
communicate clearly what they were to do, and they didn't have a clue how to respond.
I finally removed them since trying to control them was making him frenzied and
crazy. I don't know how Badis signal their spawns, but your cacatuoides might be up
against a similar language barrier...


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