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Re: Westies (was Nanochromis nudiceps)

> From: Mike Wise
> Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 4:37 PM

> This is my cynical opinion...

Actually, I was being frustratingly facetious - notice one of my rare
emoticons at the end of the original letter.

But I do agree with all of the points you and Roger brought up. I had the
real pleasure of living in the country back when we thought it needed
protection from the "Russian Horde", and the few bad memories I have of the
place were all due to "fellow Americans".

There is one new point that surprised me, though:

> I don't have access to many of the rare species for photography,
> study, breeding, etc...

Considering your prominence and the extent of your efforts in promoting this
sector, this must be exceedingly irritating at times, no?

> This might sound a bit flippant, but you could do like I did -
> learn German.

Das macht mir wenig aus.

Conversational German I can handle - it's the techy side I never had a
chance to learn (at the time, I just wanted to get along with the girls)...


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