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Re: Westies (was Nanochromis nudiceps)

Hello Mike

I am pretty sure that oliver imports his brazilian fish directly from
south american... not from Europe.... 

Also , Olivers fish ARE NOT expensive.... considering that you get
quality wild caught fish, I dont find his prices that high.... Yes ,
living close to Montreal i do get to see alot of new and rare
imports..... Like George.. Im spoiled too!!   I find a trip to Olivers
once every three months or so very fun..... I've been able to get my
hands of species I've only dreamed of in the past.   It's just too bad
that everyone doesnt make the effort to get new fish..... I am willing
to pay for the new stuff....Im also willing to pay for the quality stuff
that has been in the hobby for years....Its really too bad that too many
ppl are so friggin cheap..... If you want fish for $1.99 go buy some
Firemouths.....PetSmart has lots of them!!!   IF you want good
apistos... be willing to pay for them!!!

John in Northern NY WHERE It didnt snow yet!!

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