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The Rescue.....

Hey all

I was able to siphon off about 6 fry from my Maulbruters.... i have the
2 pairs in a 55 setup with a bunch of other fish to keep the aggression
levels down..... well anyways, i thought the one dominant pair had
spawned as the female was guarding one of the caves, well yesterday i
noticed fry swimming around the hydro sponge filter when i went to feed
the fish.. realizing that the fry wouldnt last too long in the tank with
the other fish ( Cupidos, Heckeli, Nanoluteus and a few corys) so i
quickly got my hose and siphoned off what fry i could see.   6 is what i
ended up with... well its a start!!  

Must have been a good week, as i also rescued a bunch of Nijsenni fry
from a community tank and have some cf Eunotus wigglers in the tank with
mom and dad.  My Juruensis , Viejita II, cf cacatuoides all have fry in
their tanks too!!

Tundra Johnny

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