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The founding of a fish room and Apisto feeding

After months of lurking on this list, and drooling over the archives at
thekrib.com, I am nearly in a position to start aquiring and hopefully
breeding Apisto's.

A little background is needed I suppose.  My name is C. Alan Whitten, and I
work in Wasco, California as the City Engineer.  I have been keeping fish on
and off since I was about 11 years old.  Last year, I finally conviced my
wife that I got rid of the reef tank, I could have a rack of smaller tanks
in our spare bed rooms.  I put off building the rack for a few months
because we had our house on the market, and I didn't feel like moving a 10'
long by 2.5' wide, by 6' tall tank rack.  Well as luck would have it, our
house didn't sell, and I began working on the rack in October of last year.
It was about finished when, lowe and behold, we had a buyer for our house.
So I got the fun of moving the 'fish stand'.

There was one BIG bonus to moving however.  The house we bought in Wasco had
a complete mother-in-law quarter attached to the back of the house.  The
room had a sink, stove, cabinets, and a 3/4 bathroom.  It was soon declared
to be my fishroom by the local Executive committe (aka, my wife).  The
original tank rack is in there, as well as room for a few more tanks.  My
tank rack is designed to hold up to 8-10 gallon tanks, 3 old pet's mart
tanks of 30 gallons each, and a 29 gallon tank.  My wife requested, and I
tried my best, to make it look like a nice piece of funiture.

The only bad news was my wife was 8 months pregnant when we moved, and she
is due as of today.  So I didnt get a chance to pull the carpet up in the
room before I placed my tank stand in it, and started loading it up with
4-10 gallon tanks.  Those 4 10 gallon tanks are nearly cycled, and in a few
weeks I hope to find 3 pairs of A. cacatuoides to start cutting my teeth on.
I still have to take into account that my first child will be born sometime
this week.

Ok, enough background.... Here is my question:  I live in an area where
access to live food is farily limited.  I don't have a LFS that carries live
food less than an hour away.  What is my best option for live food that I
can grow for myself besides brine shrimp?

C. Alan

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