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Re: The founding of a fish room and Apisto feeding

Hello Alan

Welcome to the apisto world.... soon to be your obsession ..... lol ...
just kidding.

As for live foods you can culture yourself... white worm cultures are
easy... so are grindal worms... and microworms....These along with newly
hatched brine shrimp so do you just fine. Frozen blood worms and frozen
daphnia make good foods also.... by the sounds of it, you have a fridge
in that "fishroom" of yours??   If so, you're set for you food
cultures.... grindal and microworms are best at room temperature.. white
worms you want between 55 and 65 F... cooler is necessary to get them
growing fine.   The freezer will house all your frozen stuff so the wife
wont get mad looking at frozen blood worms....

Good luck with you fish set up... keep us posted to how you do....
always willing to answer questions too...

Tundra John

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