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New Member

Hello All,

Brand new to this list ...... Ken G here from Melbourne, Florida.
have been reading the archives for some time ..... just getting 
back into the aquarium hobby/obsession after a few too many 
years doing other things. 

Want to get into the apistos .... they will be a challenge. 

Anyway .... new tank soon ..... 100 gallon ..... not sure 
of which way to go on many areas .... will apologize 
now for the eager, newbie questions .... but I sure want 
to learn to do it correctly before I make the investment 
and watch the fish population go belly up. 

Figure to start with some plants and some swords and 
larger tetras to stabilize the tank's bio-eco-system and 
then introduce the apistos ..... kribs and cacatuoides .... 
since they seem to be suggested as suitable for 
the beginner. Did have some luck with angels growing 
a brood some years ago .... but then the tiger oscar 
wiped out the tank population ..... tough learning 
the hard way.

Simple question ...... which filtering system/systems 
do you recommend???   I have been thinking about the 
Fluval canister system .... looks versatile and the gph 
seems to be right. Any reason to have a mechanical 
bio-wheel as well. 

Haven't a clue what chemistry I am working with .... 
the test kit is on the way. 

I would appreciate any comments, suggestions ... etc. 
good or bad ..... to help my effort. 

Thanks in advance for your comments and opinions,

Ken G
Melbourne, Fl

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