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Re: A. rubrolineata - problem.. not in english



Actually it seems to be first look (on our page) from any non-Polish speaker
from this list :-))

BTW in the meantime problem with one of my rubrolineata has been "solved" -
fish has died ;-((
This infection was enigmatic because I have not added any fish to tank the
were in for more than 3 months.
It was "grow-up" tank with bare bottom and some plants. Fish were mainly fed
by frozen food, so there was almost impossible to bring any pathogenic
"factor" from outside.

Fortunetaly I have 13 other rubrolineata which are growing fast and seems

Best regards

(Szczecin, Poland)

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> nice page though well laid out and loads quickly nice pictures also.
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> Hi,
> Sorry it has been wrongly posted.
> BTW the original is in Polish ;-))
> Best regards
> Mirek
> (Szczecin, Poland)

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