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Krib partners fighting

We have a problem with our pair of Pelvicachromis Pulcher. So far they have 
spawned one time (before six months) and because we keep them in 100 litres 
also with bunch of other fish only 5 of the fry survived. Just after this batch 
they had another one but female lost it - she maybe thought that she can take 
care of them alone - without male (partly my fault - I kept them with older fry 
and cave was not good enough).

But since that they haven't been succesful. In turn they both tried to occupy 
the cave we have there. Sometimes happy and together, sometimes fighting (I 
don't know if any of them is really stronger but I know they both can win - 
male can also be the looser sometimes). But today we found female hiding at the 
top with rear fin biten off so we really tremble for her safety. Can you 
recommend us some solution? What would you do in our place?

Thank you very much for help,
Charles and Susan

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