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Re: maintaining Ph for fry?

My $0.02:
I have heard both sides of the story. That moving fry to slightly harder water is better because there are more nutrients in the water for the fish to use and therefore the fish will do better and grow faster.
On the flip side I have heard the argument that in the wild these fish will spawn and grow to adulthood in the same soft, acid water. Therefore these fish's bodies are specialized to take out basically all the of what little nutrients are in the water. Now you put these fish in harder water and their bodies are still trying to take out all the nutrients and they will sort of overload and the fish won't live as long. Sort of like how in humans the liver is supposed to take out toxins and in normal circumstances the liver will last a long time. If a person starts drinking all the time and the liver "overloads" and you get all types of problems.
I have seen that when I moved fry over to harder water they do grow faster, however I haven't kept any of my fry long enough to know if they don't live as long. Which is better? I don't really know, but the reason to keep them in the same soft, acid water seems to make sense to me.


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