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Re: maintaining Ph for fry?

soft water causes higher dorsal fins in apistos?

Well ..... i really dont believe that..... my tap water is really
soft..... does this explain why my cacatuoides have 4 inch high dorsal
fins?  8-)

To be honest here... yes i know theres a first time for everything.....
shut up Mike J.... lol

I've been keeping apistos for a long time now and have never seen any
difference in the finnage of my fish because of my water..  Do i get
some really nice fins on my fish.... yes!!!  But i claim that to proper
care, not the water itself.....    And i have a preference to fish with
the high dorsals.... which is why i keep, Cacatuoides, Norberti,
trifasciata, Bitaeniata, sp Maulbruter, Juruensis, Hoignei and
Even my Atahualpa dont have extremely large dorsals...... but hey, you
never know i guess

Springtime Johnny

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