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Re: apisto books

Well first off i would suggest you buy the Romer Atlas ... Cichlid Atlas
1.. on apistos... its a baensch type atlas all on apistos..... well
worth the money.

Second book i would buy would be the LInke/Staeck book.... American
Cichlids 1 : Dwarf Cichlids...... this is very good, good info nice

Third would be th South American Dwarf Cichlids by Mayland and Bork....
Very nice pics which i think are color lens enhanced.... never seen any
apistos with those bright colors as depicted in this book....

The German book by Ingo Koslowski is very good.... Die Buntbarsche
Amerikas Band 2 Apistogramma & Co.     This has awesome pics , good book
if you can read german....

Then of course the Aqualog South American Cichids II is really good pic
reference book.. 

All are worth the money i spent on them... I enjoy each one of them and
refer to them quite often....

These 5 books i would call a must for an Apisto Nut.... I've learned
alot from all of them

Snowbound Johnny Again!!!!

IS spring EVER coming??????

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