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Ready to get Started! Need fish!

Several months ago, I posted my intent to begin breeding Apistos.

I have since completed the cycleing on three 10 gallon breeder tanks, each with plants, some Zebra Dainos, and caves.  Each tank has been preped with RO water, and currently has a PH of round 7.5.  I have a steady supply of frozen food avalible, and I plan to start culturing live food soon.

I read the Krib section on Good/Bad beginners Apistos, and I have some ideas as to which fish I would like (like Rotpunkts).  But most of the species listed there are not very avalible on the net.  So what other other species of Apisto's would ya'll recommend for me to start with?  And if you have some fish avalible that you think would be good starter fish, and wish to sell them, please contact me outside the list.

Thank You,
--C. Alan

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