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Re: PH crashing Up?

I have been anxiously watching this thread for a solution to this problem.  I 
have mixed my tap water with distilled water, nine parts distilled to one 
part tap and used every substrate known to man, even no substrate, no 
decorations and only wads of java moss and my ph crashes up within hours to 
8.4.  I have given samples of my water to various people and nobody can 
figure out why.  My gh and kh will be 2 or so and no amount of peat or 
anything else available will sustain a ph lower than 8 and this in a 
completely bare tank with a fistful of java moss.  I have concluded that my 
water company, in an attempt to protect it's ancient system of metal pipes, 
adds something to keep ph high.  I can't fix this and so have been getting 
fairly discouraged about keeping apistos.  If anybody can solve my problem, I 
would be eternally grateful.  Teresa.  By the by, borelli have bred like 
rabbits in this water, and even rams once. 

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