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apistograma inca's

Hi All, 
Well I finally got my first pair of Tripple Red Incas. I have a male and female. I got them on St Patricks Day and have been quarentining them in a 5 gallon tank.  I am running a Whisper 60 (60gph) with peat in the cartridge to keep the gh down as low as possible. Honestly, I haven't tested the water parameters in this tank with the exception of ammonia and nitrites, which have been zero from day one. I have a substrate of a generic sand and small sized coral reef gravel. I have in the tank a mixture of lava rocks and riverstones forming a rift lake type environment. 
I have been feeding them New Life Specturm every other day, along with a mix of frozen daphnia, bloodworms, mosquito larva, plankton, and cichlid chow; defrosted in tap water and a few drops of Kent's Garlic Extreeme on opposing days (this mix is distributed throughout all of my tanks).
I have been lurking on list for a while, and although behavior and sometimes water parameters have been discussed; it really hasn't been in the discussion what exactly the parameters are. I am somewhat of a naturalist, beliving to recreate their natural enviroment as closely as possible. I am not locating the information that I am looking for. So, here I go:
1. Which lake do the inca's orginate from?
2. Is the enviroment mostly rock formations, or is it plants?
3. What is the suggested tank size for one pair? What are  possible tank mates?
4. What are the water parameters? ei soft water, low ph, salt added, etc?
5. What is the trigger for spawning?
any information, or sites on this information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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