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Hey everyone..... 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.... well mine was awesome..... I came
home from a great auction up in Montreal, put on by the french speaking
club, and had a great time.

Anyways..... my nice suprise when i got home was to find Inca Wigglers
with Mommy.... Yes, I have INCA fry now...... woohooooo!   That wasnt
even the best part of the suprise..... I bought some Apistogramma
Meinkeni a few months ago from Oliver..... very nice wild caught fish ,
but small and kind of hard to sex, anyways, as the fish grew up , i
thought i had all males... I was bummed..... well yesterday, i found
wigglers with the female in the tank,   Guess those little buggers are
really harder to sex then i thought.... I was positive that i had 5
males and NO females..... guess i was wrong.  Boy, sure is nice to be
wrong once in awhile.  

Anyways, sorry to bore you all..... but i needed to share this with
someone..... Now, how do I coax my Elizabethae to spawn???    Well, back
to lurking.... well, just reading for awhile lol

Springtime Johnny

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