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Re: PH crashing Up?

In a message dated 4/28/03 7:55:22 PM, TD7894@aol.com writes:

<< Don't suppose there's anything I can 
do besides RO?  Anything neutralize this stuff?   >>

Here is a quote from Barry Cooper about his experiences:

Sometimes that's not the case. I have related my story before, so will try 
to be brief. My water is dead soft but very alkaline and strongly buffered 
due to its content of sodium silicates. I don't actually make RO water as 
those units are not useful at removing silicates over the long term. 
However, I do want to add some hardness and trace minerals to my water, 
which has almost nothing else in it. So, I use Equilibrium. Plants that 
died in my water before treating it, now live and even grow. In my tap 
water, even when aged to bring the pH back to about 8, Java moss, which 
most people can't kill with a stick, simply died. Now it does not.

If you use rainwater I would consider adding Equilibrium or similar to 
bring it to the desired hardness. Again, if your tap water contains a 
well-balanced mix of salts, adding tap water would be just as good.

In short, I think it is well worth having an analysis of your tap water so 
that you know what you are adding.


Lee Harper
Media, PA 

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