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A. sp. Barbaroja & A. martini ID

Someone asked if anyone knew what A. sp. Barbaroja
looked like. I thought the name looked familiar,
but wasn't sure. I checked my Spanish dictionary &
sure enough 'Barbaroja' translates to 'Red-beard'
in English. In German it translates to 'Rotbard'.
Rotbard is the name under which A. sp. aff.
bitaeniata (Fresa/Strawberry) is sold in Germany.
I imagine they are all one & the same species -
and a very beautiful species, too. Keep track of
commercial names is truly getting out of control!

At least we can get rid of all of the names for A.
sp. Lyretail 'Panduro', aka A. sp. Mortenthaler,
etc. Dr. Römer scientifically described this
species this month as A. martini. I'll drink to

Mike Wise

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