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Apistogramma Convicts??

Ok folks..... Someone want to tell me how to stop my Inca's from
spawning..... pair # 2 has just spawned and there is a huge batch of
eggs inside the flower pot.....  I would have thought that such a
gorgeous apisto would be a little more challenging......  Not that im
complaining... but who would have thought they were this easy.... and
the fry are easy to raise too....   I have found out one thing about
these guys..... very much like Nijsenni, they are NOT a harem
spawner.... in one tank i have a trio, in the other tank just the
pair..... well the pair spawned a couple of days ago... in the trio
tank, a pair spawned and just about harassed the "extra" lone female to
the point she hides in the floating plants in the top of the tank, never
to venture out of them except to eat..... anyone in need of a female
inca?  Shes a wild caught fish, very nice ..... last thing i want to do
is get another male and have another pair spawning on me.... nope dont
need that.....lol

Well its late, i cant sleep and felt like rambling on ..... sorry....


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