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RE: Off Topic sort of

Hi Victor,

I am considering it for a future tank 150 gallon .... and you are correct
they do get a bit expensive. One sad note though 3 companies that sell 
them couldn't offer any reccomended systems .... all inclusive for 
freshwater. It is common in large Salt Water tank setups.

Thanks for responding,

Best regards,

Ken G


Hi Ken,

I don't have an ozone system but I've read about them and to keep the ozone
from getting to main system you should run the ozone through a carbon
chamber before the treated water gets back to the main tank.  Another device
to get the ozone working more effieciently is to use an ozone reaction

Are you planning on using this for one tank or a system?  An ozone system
can get pretty pricey.  Check out some of the marine aquarium online store
sites for more information.

Victor Eng

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