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Apisto's in Canada

Hello all,


My name is Steve, I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  I've been part of
this list for some time now but I've been mostly viewing.  I have kept a
few Apisto's, A. cruzi, A borelli, A agassizii and A. eunotus and I have
had some luck breeding them all, but never much fry survived.

But from reading Dr. Uwe Romer's Cichlid Atlas, I'm not to sure the A.
cruzi is A. cruzi because the ones I have has breed in my local tap
water, pH 7.5 gh 4, kh 4.  I'll have to post some pictures for you all
to help me ID them.


Ok, now for the real reason I'm writing this email.  I have just
installed an RO unit, and thought I might try some other Apisto's.
Locally there is not much to be had.  So if anyone has Apisto's they're
willing to sell and ship, please let me know.


One other question for those who has Romer's Cichlid Atlas.  In the
species description, eg. A. cruzi, last paragraph after the remarks
paragraph, what does the numbers mean.  I know T: is temp, L: size, but
what is A, R and D.

Some pictures of my tanks can be found in the Gallery section of
www.asw.ca <http://www.asw.ca/> .




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