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Fish as Baggage

Hi all,

For those of us who are planning on attending the ACA convention in 
Cincinnati this July and would like to bring some fish, Mike Wise's message 
(see below) is alarming.

Last year (ACA 2002), I was given a very difficult time at Newark, NJ, 
Airport.  After learning that I was carrying two well packed, three-inch 
Hemichromis lifalili, intending to bring them into the cabin with me, the 
airline staff demanded that I leave the security area and escorted me back 
out into the main terminal.  From there I was interrogated by someone from 
central control who was called to the seen specifically for that purpose.  I 
was told that I would have to pay an additional $70.00 to carry my fish into 
the cabin.  Rather than pay the money, I explained that I had spoken with the 
appropriate airline personnel prior to booking the flight and was assured 
that I could carry my two fish into the cabin with me at no extra charge.  
The security officer explained that such was not airport policy, to which I 
responded that my flight was leaving in ten minutes.  By this time, I had 
been at the airport for over an hour-and-a-half.

In the end, I was allowed to board, fish in hand, without having to pay for 
the privilege or further hassle, but this was an experience that I don't care 
to repeat.

Continental will accept pets on their planes, arranged in advance, as cargo 
for $80.00, but according to the airline's Live Animal Desk, will only accept 
dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.

Does anyone here on the list have any information or recommendations 
regarding getting our fish to Cincinnati successfully?  I've already asked 
someone at the host club about it via email and was told "I canât speak for 
the airlines, so I would suggest that you call the carrier that you are 
considering using and ask them."  Been there, done that thank you.

All the best,

Randall Kohn
Chester, NJ


Thanks for the promo. Unfortunately I won't be able to bring anything this
time. Ever since last December, when airlines started X-raying or visually
inspecting every piece of baggage, I have found it impossible to take fish
on aircraft as baggage - carry on or checked in. Before December I could get
them on mixed in my luggage, but not now that everything going on the plain
is checked out. Some airlines will take them as air freight at a high cost,
but that is all. Have others found this to be true? Does anyone know of any
domestic US airlines that permits taking fish as baggage?

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