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Borelli colourmorphs.

Hi all!


Have been keeping and breeding A.Borellis for many years now. In fact those are my favourites among the dwarfcichlids! Back in the early eighties I bought a fish which was named A.sp. Opal. At that time some people believed that this fish was a completely new species, altough closely related to the Borelli.

Today the common opinion among cichlidists and apistofiles are that the original A. sp. Opal (or A.Borelli, Opal) is a breeding strain from former East Germany (DDR). Which probably is true.

Also there are reports from collectors and wholesalers that there are several colourmorphs living together in the Borelli habitats. Is is commonly accepted that the A. Borelli is highly polychromatic. And it is not geographical colourmorphs we are talking about. A catch with a net can bring up yellow/Blue males together with Opal colored supermales with metallicblue bodies and red-dotted cheeks. Even yellow females with red dots can occasionally be catched.


My questions are; 


I have been breeding a lot of  Borellis through the years, both wild catched and  breeded strains. And the colours on the growing frys have always been exactly as the parents, with no exeptions! If the Borelli is polychromatic, why doesn?t the frys get different colours?? At least some male would be a supermale or getting colours different from the parents??


Have anyone of you ever got a "mix" of colourmorphs in a single batch of Borelli frys?


Best regards/ Per

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