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Re: Spawnings

on 21/05/03 11:33, apisto@v2.listbox.com at apisto@v2.listbox.com wrote:

> From: "Colin Gorton" <mr_apisto@graffiti.net>
> Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 06:26:32 +0100
> To: apisto@v2.listbox.com
> Subject: Spawnings
> I seem to have accidentally hit on a way of spawning fish which don't want to
> do anything. 
> For various reasons, over a couple of months, I've not been able to do the
> water changes that I'd have liked. Recently I've got back to doing regular
> water changes and everything seems to be spawning. Maybe, for those
> hard-to-spawn fish you should just let the water quality go down to horrible
> levels (obviously not to dangerous levels) and then do a series of day-by-day
> 20% water changes. No need for passing fronts, blue goop or whatever:-). I've
> just spawned:
> Laetecara Dorsigera
> Laetecara Thaeyeri (approx. 150 eggs)
> A. Wilhelmi (male not fully mature so eggs were infertile)
> Pelvicachromis taeniatus (Wouri)
> Pelvicachromis taeniatus (Keinke)
> A. viejita
> Of the above, the Wouri, Keinke and Thaeyeri (spelling?) were first spawns.

Hi Colin,

It just seems to be another way to describe the SST (Shock Spawning Tactic)
which is  big water change with clean (ro if possible) water, a possible
little temp elevation and  all this simulate rainy season in tropical
forest. This is a way to tell the fish "food for kids is comming !! you can
do your parental job...."

congrats for the spawns,

best regards,

just another Colin ;-)

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