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Re: Dicrossus filamentosus

OK... I plan to let the filamentosus grow a bit more, develop totally (the male has the caudal fin without the typical double-pointed pattern) and then isolate them in the 120L tank (I may use the distilled water, mixed with my pH7 tap water).

I would like to know who in this list has A. pandurini.
I am in serious dilema about exchange the couple I bought last week for one of another species (in the shop they had the following dwarfs from Czech Rep.: A. nijsseni and A. hongsloi.).
Is any of those two species more peaceful? A. nijsseni was very similar to pandurini, but either the male and the female were smaller (maybe this is an advantage to my current tank...). Hongsloi was almost the same size.
I've red that nijsseni male has a maximum size of 7,5 cm, while nijsseni can grow to 9 cm.
Is this true?

Is it possible to have a peaceful 240L tank with the following individuals (presently in it)?
- Very young couple of A. cacatuoides (female: 1cm and already defendig eggs from her brother, with 2cm - I would prefer to avoid this mate...);
- Couple of D. filamentosus;
- Couple of A. borelli.

For now, I plan to isolate the pandurini male in a separate tank (or net)..

thanks for the help

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