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Re: Dicrossus filamentosus

> Is it possible to have a peaceful 240L tank with the
following individuals (presently in it)?
> - Very young couple of A. cacatuoides (female: 1cm and
already defendig eggs from her brother, with 2cm - I would
prefer to avoid this mate...);
> - Couple of D. filamentosus;
> - Couple of A. borelli.

since we're at it - I'm in this hobby for mere 2 years and
without any spectacular successes, but already have "my way"
:-) or rather what I would like to achieve in future.
I think this way gives the best of them little cutties to
the observer.
it's keeping apistos in single species "colonies" of 8 or
more individuals, balanced sex ratio.
a biotope-fan dream...
is it possible to make such a colony living? to grow
youngsters in such a "community" tank?
what dithers would be suitable (Carnegiella strigatta is my
favourit at the moment)?

it's not only on paper, it seems to work for A. maciliensis
(Mamore, blue tail) - 5 males and 3 females in 250L (55G?)
and I even managed to get 1 juvenile from them - the natural
way - now an adult male - although the dithers (neon tetra)
are too aggresive towards the fry and at the moment I have
some other apisto with them (tanks don't grow on trees, you
know ;-).

any experience in this kind of projects? I must say I never
saw anything like this life, which may indicate it can't
work... but perhaps you know better?


Grzegorz Prusinowski

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