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biotope tank for apisto

Hello Per,

I got really interested in the idea you used for your tank -
the shallow zone made of styrofoam (?). could you give some
more details? how did you mount it in the tank? How did you
keep sand from slipping? what was below the styrofoam (empty
space/"cave"/some filter?). would be great if you had some
and most of all - you mentioned the apistos were mating
there and the young swam free with the parents - that's my
dream! how did you feed them? any special arrangements or
just small food for parents and kids alike?

If you would like to describe it thoroughly - from start to
finish, mentioning advantages and disadvantages - I could
translate it and post on our website as "Apistos Per's way"
how do you like it?  :-)

BTW - thanks for your compliments on the website - it's a
joint effort of a few apisto maniacs from all over Poland.
If you took the map you could pin Szczecin, Zielona Gora,
Gdansk, Rzeszow, Krakow, Wroclaw, Warszawa... we never met
in real :-) we started quite all right, but now are a bit
stagnant... so the English version is not likely to appear

Looking forward to your reply.


Grzegorz Prusinowski

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