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sp. "Miua" and viejita

2 questions concerning 2 species, bu they swim together in
one tank. I assume "Miua" is rather black water species,
while viejita prefers clear water, but they seem to be happy
as they are. some time in future they will have separate

1. "Miua" - I have two males and one female, males divided
the tank in half and ocupy coconut shells, rarely swiming
our to chase after anything that swam too close. viejita
youngsters and females are the main target, while the male
is tolerated after a short fin display. the "Miua" female
usualy ocupies the middle of the tank, swiming freely.the
males don't pay her too much attention, other than a short
chase away. anyone can explain this behaviour?

2. one of the viejita females have one gill cover "glued" to
the body. she works with the other gill cover quite hard.
other than that she feeds normaly and sports courtship
colouration. what would that mean and how to help her?

GregGrzegorz Prusinowski

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