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Re: flies in my Gindal Worms!

Hi Alan,

I recently had this problem with a culture I ordered so I finally decided to get rid of the flies. I do not remember who originally said to flame the soil but it works. I set the culture uncovered outside in the sun to drive most of the grindals down into the "soil". Scare away any adult flies and then picked out any obvious groups of maggots. Check the sides of the container and the lid for adults and maggots (I did not find any maggots on these surfaces). Next, I flamed the surface of the soil with a propane torch (and slightly distorted the sides of the container in a few spots!). I found it easiest to hold the culture on edge so the soil is running up and down when flaming. I definitely flamed some maggots I had originally missed. Recover the culture making sure you do not let any adult flies back in. Rewet the surface and feed the culture. The culture was back up to full strength in two days. A week and a half later, still no flies. This worked much more quickly for me than reculturing and waiting for the culture to get back up to strength.


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