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Re: flies in my Gindal Worms!


This is just my speculation, but you might be letting sneaky
fruit flies in when you feed the worms, or the food you use
might be infested with their eggs.

I got my grindal worms infested with white mites.  They are
much larger than the ordinary red kind.  I had a hard time
figuring out where they were coming from, but this
infestation happened with regularity, no matter how
carefully I subcultured the grindals.  I finally found out
just recently that they were coming in with some rolled oats
(Quaker's old fashioned type - the one used for making
oatmeal cookies) that I was feeding to my grindal worms
occasionally.  I suspect the oats were heavily infested with
their eggs since I don't see any mites crawling on the
rolled oats (though it's kinda hard to see minute white
mites on white oat flakes.)


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