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Re: grow out tanks

I like to use 10 gallon barebottom tanks as my grow outs at first.....
i use a hydro sponge filter in the tank and put some Java moss in there
also.....   this is good for anywhere up to 100 fry , small fry of
course....... as they grow, more water changes are surely necessary and
i start to think about moving the group to a larger tank if i want to
raise them all up...

I prefer NOT to use gravel in my grow out tanks, only for ease of
siphoning off the uneaten stuff on the bottom of the tank during water
changes..... much easier to clean barebottom tanks....

I like to feed twice a day with newly hatched brine shrimp each time if
possible.... when fry get big enough to take processed dry foods, i feed
live once a day and flake/pellet foods the other time...

Like i mentioned above.. i use java moss in my grow out tanks, but also
add java ferns later one and then put amazon frogbit on the water
surface later on too.... all the plants help with water quality......
plus it give the less secure fry a place to hide if necessary....

Hope this helps Coby....


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