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Fishroom automation

This is slightly off topic, but I'm hoping someone with experience
will be able to help. I'm in the planning stages of building my next
fishroom. Fishroom version 1.0, was build back in December and I have
learnt a lot from it. I'll be moving in a few months, and that gives me the
opportunity to build version 2.0 and correct some of the mistakes I've made.
I'd also like to enjoy the fish more, and want to automate as much I need
Humidity and temp sensors will activate the exhaust fan and turn the space
heater on/off. Water changes are definitly going to be automatic as well -
but that leads me to my question. I know that the local water supply is
using chloramines most of the year, and using chlorine for a few weeks
during late spring to 'flush' the system.

Let me briefly describe what I'm planning - maybe there is something obvious
that I'm overlooking.

I'm planning on 4 major sections in the fishroom.
1) Aquaria wall : 10-12 10 & 20G planted tanks flush in the wall. Drilled.
CO2 injection. These will hold single pairs for display and photography.

2) Fry growout: 2.5G, 10G, 20G tanks. Drilled. Wet/Dry. Barebottom.

3) Breeding tanks: 10G, 20G, 55G tanks. Sponge & corner filters using
central air.

4) Quarantine tanks: 10G. Sponge & corner filters using central air.

In sections 1 & 2, the tanks will be drilled. In addition to those
there will be a skinny hangon DIY overflow made with rigid airline tubing
and airlift tubes. These will be draining water constantly back to the sump.
The level the skinny overflow will be set so as to 'stop' when the water
level is
5% from the top of the tank. The idea is, that when the pump is operating,
skinny overflow will not be able to keep up and the water will rise to the
next larger
drilled overflow and drain back to the wet/dry. Once the pump turns off, the
will drain into the wet/dry via the skinny overflow tubes. Viola! 5% of the
old water is
out of the tanks. Float switches can now drain old water from the sump and
new water in.

Even though I'm planning small frequent water changes, I'm concerned about
chloramines. Since I'm doing these small water changes, is my concern
without merit?
Or will the fish be ok with a small volume of  untreated water?

Any ideas? Comments?

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