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Re: Fishroom automation

In a message dated 8/12/03 3:14:20 PM, ghori@ghori.net writes:

<< Even though I'm planning small frequent water changes, I'm concerned about


chloramines. Since I'm doing these small water changes, is my concern

without merit?

Or will the fish be ok with a small volume of  untreated water?

Any ideas? Comments? >>

I run my tap water through a home made Ginger Carbon (Darco) filter. I change 
the carbon about every 4 months and it removes all chlorine and chloramines. 
I run it directly to 100 tanks via drip irrigation emitters and out the 
overflow to a sump that drains to the outside by gravity. About one hour each day 
with the drip emitters at 1 gph for 5 and 10 gallon and 0.5 gph for smaller 
(mostly one gallon containers). The fish seem to love this daily refreshing water 
change. In the winter I mixed the hot and cold water at the sink, but Rosario 
LaCorte has had bad experience doing that so I may do something different next 
winter -- perhaps a coil heat exchanger in a heated barrel of aged water that 
I already have for tanks not yet on the automatic system.

Lee Harper
Media, PA 

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