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Re: Digest 1.36 for apisto

I know it's a little too little and a little too late,
but future reference for those of you caught in a
power outage.  If you don't have batteries, and you
are worried about oxygenating your water, Hydrogen
Peroxide works great.   In a pinch... some hobbyists
have had success using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (from the
drugstore) to instantly increase dissolved oxygen. The
dose is about one ounce per 25 gallons, more or less,
so to speak. It should be added near the bottom of the
aquarium (a sprayer bottle would be ideal) and
distributed quickly around the tank so fish do not
come into contact with the concentrated form. This is
a risky treatment that should only be attempted if it
is obvious that fish will begin dying soon from lack
of oxygen. 

Dose quoted from http://www.bestfish.com/powerout.html


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