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RE: My support for NY member

Well ,

Some of us here is this list come from quebec , and most of them know what
it is , the ice storm in quebec , just put some aquarist in the black , and
some of them just stop.

I was not in quebec at this time , and not on the hobby, but I hear
everywhere , the incredible support they got from other aquarist in north

Some people on this hobby are good person and it is why I think we have to
support people who get problem.

So me I work in technologies , so I have UPS and a 400 watt inverter.
I have to get one or two car battery , I only have one from my electric
motor for boat.
Hope we will never have an other ice storm , but never know.
I hope this will be sufficient to run my 85watt air pump, for the heater I
don't know what I will do , I don't have any, all my room is heat, hoping my
fireplace will give enough heat :)


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