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Apistos in the South!

Hi all.

Have been reading the wonderful article about A. Borellii written by Wolfgang Staeck (Aquarium Heute 1999/1). I had the big luck to get a scanned copy of the article a couple of weeks ago! 
Since i´m a Borellii fan, it was very interesting reading. 
I was surprised to read that some of the collecting sites was found just north of uruguay close to the Brazilian town Sao Borja, in the uruguay-river. 
Staeck wrote that he measured the temperature in the water at the cold season, to just 6-7 degree C. (42,8-44,6F) But the Borellis didn´t seem to bother about the very low temperature. The activities and the moves of the fishes was altough slower than normal. 

I´m still waiting to hear some reports that someone have collected Borellis as far south as in Uruguay! 
Or, is the Commbrae the toughest apisto? Living as far south as in middle of Uruguay? 

Perhaps I have to go there and have a look by myself! :-P 

Best regards/ Per

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