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Re: Apisto Martini

I got mine from Oliver.... had 1 male 3 females... had them in a 20 long
with lots of flower pots and plants..... they didnt beat on each other,
just never spawned...... the male was the smallest fish of the group...
I actually found them very easy to sex once you knew what to look
for..... my male had no black markings in his pelvic fins , very much
like a panduro or nijsenni..... just orange coloration.  Females had jet
black markings in those fins.
I used some young betta Enisae as dither fish as they could handle
anything the apistos could dish out plus hold their own if they wanted

Maybe i should have eventually tried the apistos on their own.....  but
i've had good luck using mouthbrooding bettas as tank mates for my
apistos.... they stay in different levels of the tank and each species
spawns without bothering the other...... My Elizabethae group has Betta
Edithae as its tank mates.... Incas have Betta Foerschi.... Viejita have
Betta Strohi

Seems to work for me.... 

Good luck with your fish...


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