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Re: Dwarf Seahorses

> Hi all,
> I know, not Dwarf Cichlids related at all but the word dwarf is in the
> subject line:).
> I'm thinking about setting up a 10g with a few dwarf (pygmy) Seahorses and
> pipefish, captive bred ,originating from the Gulf of Mexico. Does anybody
> know where I could get more info on husbandry(temps ,ph, TDS, salinity)
> and
> breeding of those?
> Your help is appreciated.
> Thanks
> Max

      Hello.  I don't keep dwarf seahorses, but have a tank going for some
larger seahorses.  My favorite sites are http://www.seahorse.org and
http://www.syngnathid.org   Hope you do as well with the seahorses
as you do with the Dwarf Cichlids.  The rams I got from you about a
year ago are still by far my favorites.  Thanks!


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