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OT: Anyone Else Receive This SPAM?

Hi there,
I know this is off topic but I believe someone on this
list is using the addresses to spam users.
Here is the message I received.
From:  "Dave P." <dap1329@yahoo.com> [input]   [input]
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Domain Date:  16 Oct 16:11 (PDT)To:  Craig
<craig_sharp1980@hotmail.com>, Craig
<csturdiv@hotmail.com>, CRC
<ccassel@motorcitynet.com>, CRC
<crcassel2002@yahoo.com>, RW Cremer
<rwcremer@hotmail.com>, "J. Crilly"
<jamiecrilly@hotmail.com>, Croc_121
<croc_119@hotmail.com>, Matt & Linda Crocker
<crockerm@peak.org>, "Matt &amp; Linda Crocker"
<crocker3@99webstreet.com>, Doug Crooks
<dcrooks@bg.dvusd.k12.az.us>, Kim Crooks
<kcrooks@mr.dvusd.k12.az.us>, cross7420
<cross7420@yahoo.com>, CROUSEA <CROUSEA@aol.com>,
Jonathan Constantino Cruz
<jccruz_frontaiman@yahoo.com>, Christy Cryan
<Lagunabum575@cs.com>, csnkufojxahr
<csnkufojxahr@yahoo.com>, CthulhuMan
<fornax@webcity.ca>, Cuewarrior <Cuewarrior@aol.com>,
Culturalinfidel6 <culturalinfidel6@aol.com>, cunroe
<cunroe@prodigy.net>, Andrew Curtis
<silllyman74@yahoo.com>, Curtis
<curtisminbc@canada.com>, Curtis
<odendarkelf@earthlink.net>, cwarmbold
<cwarmbold@ajc.com>, Cynthia
<scorch26@comcast.net>Subject:  Hooked On
FishContent-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Received: 16 Oct 2003 23:11:21 GMT
Return-Path: <dap1329@yahoo.com>
Received: (cpmta 7605 invoked from network); 16 Oct
2003 16:11:21 -0700
Received: from (HELO
by smtp.c009.snv.cp.net ( with SMTP; 16
Oct 2003 16:11:21 -0700
Received: from [] by
web21008.mail.yahoo.com via HTTP; Thu, 16 Oct 2003
16:11:20 PDT
MIME-Version: 1.0


Hooked On Fish 

P.O. Box 193

Denmark, SC 29042-0193

Phone (803) 703-0190 

 Hours Of Operation

Mon. &#65533; Fri. 9am &#65533; 5pm EST.  

Weekends By Appointment Only!

Fax (803) 793-0666

E-Mail hookedonfish101@yahoo.com

Who Are We?

We at Hooked On Fish have been breeding & raising
tropical fish for 30+ years. Just recently we have
opened our doors for business here in central South
Carolina. You will find that Hooked On Fish is not
&#65533;just another fish store&#65533; like all the
rest. We do things here that no one else does or
offers. Here you can always find top quality hard to
find breeder pairs, breeding colonies & show quality
fish. We continuously have fish held back for grow out
because we want to offer very special fish that you
will not find anywhere else. Once you talk with us &
once you receive your first order from us you will be
&#65533;HOOKED!&#65533; One of the things I have
learned from the past is that the size of the fish is
a very big deal with most customers. Here at Hooked On
Fish we assure you that when we say 1 &#65533;&#65533;
it is indeed 1 &#65533;&#65533; or more because we use
the same ruler you do! Give us a call today and
you&#65533;ll quickly realize that we are a cut above
the rest. And we always love hearing from our
&#65533;fishy friends!&#65533;  Thanks for your
interest & continued patronage. Dave & Babbette

If you'd like a copy of our current stock list send

   Your e-mail address

   Your Fax#

   Your Snail mail address

To: hookedonfish101@yahoo.com

Do you Yahoo!?
The New Yahoo! Shopping - with improved product search


I would appreciate it if anyone could confirm that
they received this as well as I am very pleased on how
well run and managed this list is and I hope it
continues to be that way.


Curtis M. 

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